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 About this Website

This website is here for the sharing, promotion and sale of my artwork.

As of mid-April '08 the new look for the site is in place. An online shopping area, newer page presentations and a new hosting company are parts of the changes. Because it is still being fine-tuned, more photographs and newer work are to be added soon.

Add-ons and graphics that can slow things down and consume lots of power are not used on this website. The use of cookies and java has also been minimized where possible.


There are three main sections on the site, each has a mix of different photographs on display. 

The GALLERY SHOP is where you can purchase a print of my work or a download that you can print yourself. The login and shopping pages all use a secure (ssl) connection to help keep your information private. Cookies and java are used for the shopping site functions such as checkout, saving a shopping cart or viewing the large photo pop-ups. Visitor information is kept private and not shared with anyone. 

The ALBUM GALLERY section has the photographs arranged in albums that provide a quick view of some of my work. It uses cookies and javascript so that visitors can see pop-ups of the smaller pictures, save favorites and create custom slideshows. Cookies are not collected by the site for the purpose of storing any visitor information. They are only for site visitor's convenience.

The THUMBNAIL INDEX pages have different photographs arranged in a more traditional layout. Those pages don't use java or cookies except for the Slideshows which use a javascript to preload, however the Slideshows work well enough without it. The Thumbnail Index pages are located at the bottom of the main home page.

The Google Map Index pops up in it's own window with markers and photographs at various locations.  Java is required to navigate the Map Index. 

I want to reserve my creative rights so I have marked the pictures with a large copyright © symbol. Full sized prints and/or downloads purchased from the GALLERY SHOP do not have that type of mark.

 All of the photos here have been downsized from the originals to fit on your screen and browser window without having to scroll. 

I hope you enjoy some of the photographs. I enjoy taking them and sharing them too. 
  Joe Carver


Privacy and Terms of Use


This website does not share, sell or distribute visitor information to anyone.


The photographs on these pages are copyrighted. Purchased photos are for personal use only.
For the full Privacy and Terms of Use statements please click a link below.


Privacy Statement


Terms of Use Statement

How this Site was Created

This reluctant Webmaster who would rather be out with the camera used a few different programs and also some Public License Software to create this Website. However the old plain text editor was the fallback to iron out the details. Comments and critiques about the website (and the photos too) are very much welcomed.

Credits where they are due and links are on this page: Links & Credits


Linking to this Site

Webmasters can link to any public page on this site. No direct links to any picture, photograph or file without the full HTML page that it resides on is allowed. 

Websites that have a direct link and listing to the home page or The Gallery Shop home page will get a reciprocal listing on the Links & Credits page. Send a message through the contact form with the address of the link that this site is listed on and which link should be listed here.



I have tried to build in backwards compatibility for older versions (5 and 6) of Internet Explorer. There are limits and some pages may not be easy to browse because of that.
Firefox 2.xx and Internet Explorer 7 seem to work fine. If you have trouble browsing this site and you think it might be because of browser compatibility please use the Contact Form to inform the webmaster.

Note: The rainbow background was cropped from the original at left. That rainbow was a full-arc double which can be seen here and at the top of the page.





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All Images © Joseph Carver

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